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Recreational Gymnastics
Our aim...
Our world class gymnastics facility offers a recreational programme designed to engage children in gymnastics from a young age in a developmental, fun and friendly way.  The aim is to develop your child’s physical literacy through gymnastics meaning they will develop their confidence and motivation for sport and physical activity, as well as their physical movement skills, flexibility, strength and coordination.  
Whether children continue with gymnastics or wish to specialise in another sport, their experience at Deerness Gymnastics Academy will provide them with an excellent basis for progression.
We aim for children to work with the same coaches each session so that they can develop the rapport which we deem essential.
Most children will attend once each week, however it is common that children may wish attend two or more classes.
For more information on all of our classes and to see which one would be suitable for your child, please see our classes available page.

Recreational Important Information for Parents/Guardians

Recreational gymnasts must always appropriate clothing (nothing loose fitting). Leotards are not essential but we offer a large selection for purchase at reception.

No jewellery, including belly piercings, can be worn for gymnastics sessions. This includes any bracelets and/or watches such as Fitbits.

Hair must be tied back securely.

Gymnasts should attempt to attend every scheduled class and any absence should be conveyed to the office prior to the class start time as our classes are in high demand.

Gymnasts should always be on time, the warm up is an essential part of any session.

Please ensure that your children are collected promptly so that coaches and volunteers can dedicate themselves to children in follow-on sessions.

Whilst we don't encourage taking the time to have a drink throughout the class, gymnasts should always bring a drink of water to consume before and after the class. Alike with this, children should use the toilet before the start of the class although we would never deny this at any point. You can respect that every minute during the hour is vital and can sometimes become disruptive for both the coach(s) and other gymnasts.

We will always aim to get the very best out of your child. If you have any queries please speak to your child’s coach either before or after a class, liaise with our reception staff or ask to speak with our Welfare Officer who will arrange a meeting (where appropriate).

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